Friday, December 7, 2012

Four Months and Still Awesome

The kiddo is four months old. FOUR MONTHS. Can it really only be four months ago that I walked into a hospital expecting a procedure and walked out 2 days later with a new human? Seems unreal.

We took Guy in for his four-month appointment, and he's still on the small side - 8th percentile on weight. He's in the 20s for both height and head circumference, so at least he's not falling behind everywhere.

There are plenty of other big things happening in Guy World, too:

  • He's able to consistently roll to his side. He gets over there and then plays with his little hands, or stares off into the distance. But he knows exactly what he's doing. He throws his little legs up in the air and flops them over to one side or the other, like, "Heave Ho!"
  • He is reaching for and grabbing things. Just this morning, in fact, I watched as he eyed a monkey dangling from his play mat, and he reached for the monkey's feet and grabbed them with his chubby little fist, and then struggled to bring it to his mouth. Sadly, the monkey was not long enough to make it to his mouth. But he laid there for another five minutes alternately letting the monkey go and grabbing it again. He takes his practice seriously.
  • He started cereal. Now, I know this is controversial, because some say that you shouldn't start any foods other than milk until 6 months of age, but since he's still on the small side, the doctor thought it would do him good to get a few more calories a day. So in addition to his other feedings, he also now gets a bowl of rice cereal in the morning and one in the evening for dinner. The first few feedings were funny, but now he gets it and is pretty excited about it.
  • We are getting closer to the elusive "sleeping through the night" phase. He will sleep 4-5 hours at a time and will often be soothed with just a pacifier and some cuddling, rather than me having to feed him 1-2 times in the night. I think the cereal in the evening is helping with that. 
  • He follows everyone with his eyes now. Daddy, Momma, Gigi... really anyone he finds interesting. And he passes out smiles like they are going out of style. I kind of love that part. There's nothing quite like getting a huge, gummy grin with that little baby tongue sticking out at you.
  • We can have "conversations" with him pretty consistently. Most of mine go like this:
    • Me: So, Guy. What do you think of this situation in Palestine?
    • Guy: Gggggggiiiii. Pbbbt. Aaaaaaooooo.
    • Me: Really? That's a pretty controversial viewpoint.
    • Guy: Jjjjjjeeeeeee! Aaaaaggkk. Pbbbbbbaaaa.
    • Me: Well, if you really feel that way....
It just keeps getting more fun, and I'm looking forward to enjoying this phase for a while!