Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Very Merry

We have successfully made it through our first Christmas with our little Guy. I'd say it was successful, anyway.

On Christmas Day, we were reminiscing at Greg's parents' house about this time last year. We had just told both sets of parents that we were pregnant, but weren't sharing it with anyone else yet. It was our gift to them on Christmas, to know that there was a grandbaby coming their way in 8 months. I spent Christmas nauseated but overjoyed that in less than a year I would become Momma. I couldn't imagine then what it would be like to have a nearly five-month old child entertaining us all at Christmas.

At one point, I looked around, and a room of 9 adults were all just staring at the one baby, who was cooing and screeching with delight. It's amazing how this tiny, 14-pound creature can captivate a room of grown men and women, each one of us fixated on every move he makes.

We didn't go too crazy for him this Christmas, since we knew he wouldn't have a clue. He got a doorway bouncer, which he seems pretty jazzed about. He sat in it for a good 20 minutes on Christmas Eve, just hanging out. That's like hours in baby years.

From his grandparents, Guy cleaned up. He got several cute outfits (which are all getting washed this week), a couple of books and easy puzzles, some stuffed toys, plastic teethers and the like. He also got the most awesome Star Trek "feeding system" from my brother. It is a Starship Enterprise with a connection on the front for a spoon. It lights up and is basically the most awesome way to feed a child. I don't have a picture of it yet, so here is a picture of someone else's baby enjoying it in all its glory:

There will be sound effects. Oh yes. There will be sound effects.

Poor Guy has had a fairly rough couple of weeks. He's had RSV (we think), a possible ear infection (they were red, but not showing all the signs of infection), and really nasty eczema (or emphysema as one of the daycare workers mistakenly called it) all over his poor little body. His face is especially red and rashy. I've been slathering him in Aquaphor and trying to do anything I can to minimize the rash, but so far, nothing is helping and it continues to get worse. I'm hoping eventually it will stop.

On the fun side, Guy has discovered that he has an upper register to  his voice, and likes to let us know by screaming happily anytime he's in a good mood.  You can see his red little cheeks here, too.

All in all, it was a very good Christmas full of love, food, fun and more food.