Monday, February 10, 2014

He grows!

Eating cheerios and smiling for the camera are now two favorite pastimes.

I cannot believe my little boy is a year and a half old. Time flies when you're having fun, right? He's talking, walking and melting hearts everywhere he goes. 

At the end of December, he had his adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears. After two eardrum-bursting, pus-spewing ear infections, it was a must. Since the procedure, his language skills took off. The hearing test that he failed so miserably before the operation, he passed with flying colors a few weeks ago. 

His vocabulary, though limited, is delightful. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Daddy (pronounced dad-day like a tiny Englishman. It is currently his favorite question as soon as I pick him up or if daddy is not in the bed in the morning.)
  • More ("moe!")
  • Na-na (which means milk, of all things)
  • Boo (Translation: poop. A good one to know)
  • Ome (his cockney version of "home")
  • Ball (Which typically means "I wish for the dog to bring me something to throw and quite possibly knock over breakable things.")
  • Maw-nah (Sometimes means yogurt but really means "I want that thing.")
  • Maaaay! (Usually a cry of despair. Translation: "I threw that cheerio on the ground from my high chair so that I could look at it from a distance, and the dog has eaten it! Make her put it back!")
  • Bye-bye (Self-explanatory)

A few seconds before this photo he was in a zombie-like engrossed state, watching Willow with his dad.
 Nothing like movies about lost babies for pre-nap prep.

He had the flu, which was miserable, but he was cheerful through most of it. The kid is hard to keep down. And it created an adorable game where he finds a tissue and fake "sneezes" (basically he just does a single headbang with a small whooshing noise) and then wipes his nose. And he's newly obsessed with sitting on the couch with us while I play Zelda (poorly) and dad beats all the hard bosses. 
Sad flu baby.

But really this is the most fun I've had with him so far. He's just a delight, and I love to hear him giggle. He's starting to "help" around the house. He throws things away (mental note: check the trash contents more often) and he will "clean" spills himself (we are not discouraging this, no matter how many tissues we go through in his efforts). 

Bedtime with Daddy. Ignore the tornadic mess behind them. 
Guy takes book selection seriously, and it sometimes gets messy.

Bedtime is even fun now. He sleeps with Crack (so named because he is addicted) the elephant. Guy gets a story and a song while he cuddles Crack, and then he is put in his crib with Crack. He spends between 5 and 15 minutes pulling Crack's tail (making him play Rockabye Baby) over and over. It's such a nice change from the constant crying of the past. 

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